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What is cheap Pimsleur and why are we here?

We're here to help you find the language learning products you need at the best prices possible.

A little about me. Well, I'm an expat from the states who loves travelling around the world; living in new and interesting places.
I love experiencing not only the historical sites a country has to offer but also the rich traditions in culture and language.
Learning another language provides a rythem of a culture and gains the learner widespread acceptance and respect in that culture.

So, how to do it? How does one set about learning a foreign language?
There are many tools for this and products. The Pimsleur method of learning a foreign language does not take the student to fluency, or
even near to it. But, as one product in a toolbag of instruments it has it's uses.

Pimsleur language series are very good at helping a student to "break in" to a new language while using what Tony Robbins calls "net time". That is time that
usually would be lost to other activities such as commuting, or waiting in line at a store.
The Pimsleur method is entirely audio, though in recent years they have added some hodge-podge booklets to many of their comprehensive sets.

The basis of the method is repeating certain vocabulary words at regularly expanding intervals and attempting to get the student to repeat them at these intervals.
For me, it did actually work. I went through the German series when I was travelling to Germany on a regular basis. I did, however, couple this with another method I use to
rapidly break in to a new language. I like to buy a DVD of an American movie which I love, and watch it in the target language.
So for German, I watched Braveheart in German, since I practically have this movie memorized in English.
It's a great way to increase your passive knowledge of the language, and to rapidly aquire vocabulary consisting of cognates (words which sound similar, ie. "bread" in English is "Brot" in German, not too hard to remember).

I did find that Pimsleur helped me quite in a bit in chit chat scenarios.
The other tool I used was a product called 200-words a day. A software program for boosting vocabulary. Also, quite good. They use clever humor and other tricks to help the student to easily remember vocabulary.